Molins Richmond Inc

Molins was established in the United States in 1931 to provide a vast array of services to the Tobacco industry.  Today, Molins Richmond is located in Richmond, Virginia and continues to supply the same quality services covering North America, Canada and Mexico.

Molins Richmond is conveniently located near air, sea and ground transportation hubs allowing us a worldwide shipping capability.

Through our sophisticated state of the art IFS system, combined with a fully integrated spares inventory, Molins Richmond is able to receive orders and in most cases ship in stock parts on the same day. We can also offer R.O.D., J.I.T and Vendor Management Inventory solutions.

In addition to providing a superior spares service, we are also able to offer a cost effective service and repair capability, as well as a small rebuild and refurbishment work center. Our highly trained and experienced sales and service engineering staff are always available to assist you in your business, manufacturing and equipment maintenance and service needs.

Our sales team has access to Molins equipment from other regions throughout the world and is able to supply new, rebuilt and used cigarette making, packing and handling equipment.